About Us

Who are we?

We crowned our service understanding focusing on satisfaction in the tourism branch since more than 20 years by joining the real estate sector next to us ad our work field.

As UMAY Real Estate Investment Consultancy we are constantly looking for ways to "help you further". We are confident that we will be able to provide you with the best standart of service per your wishes and requests.

Now; we are happy to gather the customer satisfaction of the tourism sector and the professionality needed for real estate consulting under the UMAY real estate investment consulting to our local and foreign customers.

By offering the service of smart investment management, we offer you services before and after buy and sell, investment marketing methods, legal assistance and all the matters about investment consultings focusing on minimal costs bringing maximal earnings and yield with professionality standards. Our target is to be the first company to cometo mind local and abroad in the sector of investment and consulting when there is a need of information and service.

Our Mission

Our main principle is to satisfy the needs of investments at the highest level through a perfect and professional approach. Our purpose is to bring the expectations, needs and possibilities of our customers together at the best spot and to provide the fastest and most reliable services pre- and post-procuremenet and sale. Our working principle requires us to respond to any real estate requests we receive in the shortest time possible and in strict concordance with the requests. Our greatest priority in and after this process is to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level. UMAY Real Estate Investment Consultancy offers its services on the basiss of years of knowledge, skills and eperience in the use of money in real estate as investmenet and the selection of the real estate proeperties that best fit the needs.

Our Vision

We endeavour to be one of the most important brands in the real estate sector in terms of both economic conditions and modern adaptation in timing with our modern working ststem and principles. We aim to observe the right and effective project management methodology and approach in our projects and to ensure sustainability in this sector through our professional human resources and diverse catalogue of products. We strive to be a solution partner for our customers in the procurement, sale and rental of real estate. We put ourselves in our customer's shoes and we act accordingly.

Why Turkey?

Turkey is among the leading countries of the world in terms of historical richness and natural beauties. Its varied features in climate, vegetation and geography also improve the potential for living in Turkey. The heavenly sun, seas, mountain and lakes of Turkey offer you a step beyond your stressful and routine lives. Owing to the moderate local climate, you can go walking along sandy coastlines or on peace-inspiring mountains or discover the grandeur of the lakes for a bit of relaxation. Every region of our country has its own unique features to offer. You can experience the beauties that exist and emerge in a number of forms from historical and natural wonders to palatable delights with the unique experience offered by every inch of every region. You can live through the for seasons in the same day at any age in some regions of Turkey. In spring months, you can sunbathe or play golf under or swim in the Mediterranean under the perfect sunlight or capture the opportunity to go skiing in the height of Taurus Mountains in early morning hours.

ANTALYA Welcomes You

King of Pergamon Attalos II Orders the raiders to "go and find heaven on earth". The raiders set off with this order and surveyed the land. Finally, when they reach Antalya, they take a single look at thte unique beauty in front of them and say, "We have found heaven on earth!". The city that was founded on that day. "Attalia" or "Antalya" as it is called today, will make you feel you are in heaven... Antalya almost bewitches you with its ancient urban ruins, ramparts, citadels, caves, coves, waterfalls and other natural beauties and proves that you need to live your life to your heart's content. You have the chance to access anything you want at any moment owing to a large number of historical sites ready for your sightseeing and shopping malls that will cater for all your needs at the centre. Konyaaltı, Lara and Kundu localities let you feel like an urban explorer at all times with their coastline and magnificent views. The pleasure of witnessing the unique whiteness of snow and skiing awaits you in Saklıkent, a locality you can visit with your loved ones to escape the stress of our working lives in the winter. Localities of Antalya are filled with features one more magnificent than the other, as well as the central beaches, for you to enjoy the sun, fun and sea. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Great Leader, said "Antalya is Undoubtedly the Most Beautiful Place in the World!". This quote makes this city perfect.

Your Destination for Simplicity, KAŞ...

Kaş boasts a spellbinding beauty with its rich colours of blue and green. It is located in the westernmost part of Antalya on Çukurbağ Peninsula. It directly faces Kastellorizo in the Mediterranean. A large number of souvenir shops in its bazaar will allow you to decorate your homes and take your joyful memories with you. Its localities, Kalkan, Göbe, Kınık, Ova, Yeşilköy and Patara, leave both the people of Kaş and the incoming tourists in admiration. Living in a city where you will experience happiness with witnessing the beauties of nature and history and experiencing every season individually will give you a great sense of peace.

Fun Never Stops in KEMER...

Kemer is striking with its natural beauty as one of its prominant attractions. The sea meets forests and mountains at a single point. The clarity of the sea, the greenness of the forests, the waves extending their fringes to pine trees and shades of pine trees along the beaches add significant attractiveness to the area. Starting from Beldibi and extending until Tekirova, the coastline is covered with natural beaches. This magnificent district is home to scenery worth seeing in itself. Kiriş, Tekirova, Çamyuva, Arslanbucak, Kuzdere, Beycik, Göynük, Beldibi, Olympus, Adrasan and Üç Adalar are its prominent natural wonders.

Sun-Kissed with a Smile ALANYA...

Alanya, with its culture and architecture that represent an amalgamation of the Mediterranean and Anatolian cultures and thousands of years of history, exceedingly satisfies urban and historical enthusiasts and intoxicates lovers of the nature. Boasting a wide range of historical spots, ancient cities, museums, blue-flag beaches, caves, Taurus and plateaus, rivers and Sapadere Canyon a natural wonder. Alanya is a rare paradise where you can taste peace.

A Huge Nested District, MANAVGAT...

A district where you can enjoy the pleasure of quiet, peace and family warmth with its nested localities. A natural wonder surronded by the Taurus Mountains, featuring an amazing waterfall and beaches adorning the whole length of its coastline and covered with unique beaches. It is also home to the district of "Side" which takes its name from "Pomegranate" in the Anatolian language and offers you the scent of history in every step. Experiencing every season with its own unique qualities. Manavgat will make you feel like you live in peace.

No Boundaries in History in SERİK...

A district that amazes its onlookers with its coastline, the fame of which has gone beyond the borders of Turkey, with historical and touristic ruins drawing tourists in every season and with spells cast by blue and green. It is lively, vivid and colourful in every season as it boasts a number of world-renowned historical works. It hosts many fun events from plays at the Aspendos Theatre to rafting along Köprülü Canyon. Its localities open tehir arms to embrace millions of people in all 4 seasons with a wide range of wonders.